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Diego Costa on partnership with Luis Suarez: 'I will fight, he can bite'
Costa about Suarez: "He's very good, one of us can fight and the other can bite [. ..] I don't understand how Barca can let him go "
Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa looks forward to an effective partnership with new teammate Luis Suarez after his side is beaten. Granada 6-1 on Sunday, regarding the Uruguayan's disciplinary problem over the years. Fun88 odds of Luis Suarez replacing Diego Costa in the second half in Atletico's 6-1 win over Granada. Suarez scored twice in his Atletico Madrid debut. Bet with us in FUN88

Costa opened the scoring with a scoring header and was then sent on in the second half to make way for Suarez, who quickly made his mark after a move from Barcelona by scoring twice and assisting in 20 the last minute.
"He was very good, one of us could fight and the other could bite," Costa said, recalling Suarez's bite against Italy's Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup. The Uruguayan striker also made the same mistake. with Liverpool and Ajax. Fun88's Costa said he could hardly believe his side's luck of defeating Suarez, who had scored 198 goals in six seasons with Barcelona but was deemed not by new manager Ronald Koeman. enough required.
"We are very lucky to have Luis, I don't understand how Barca was able to let him go," said Costa. He will help us score a lot of goals as well as his warrior spirit and desire to win trophies. I hope he can help us win another title for the fans, but we need to try every game. ”
Costa, who fired Atletico to win the La Liga title in 2014 but have struggled since returning from Chelsea in 2018, supposedly leaving the club but vowing to fight for his place, announcing he will leave if necessary. I didn't want to fight them and be a club killer, I spoke to the club and the coach and told them I was ready to go if they thought I should go, ”he said.
"But if I stay, I'll fight to play and I hope I don't get injured so I can play well. I have to make the most of my chance. Whatever can happen this season, it is important to be ready and scoring. "
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